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Zeinstra referee outfit for charity

Zeinstra referee outfit for charity.
Zeinstra referee outfit for charity.
Buy Zeinstra referee outfit for charity Serious Request. The highest bid is now on evening of the 24th of December: 255 euro’s.

The referee shirt from assistant referee Zeinstra is used during the European Championship of 2012. On the shirt are also the signatures from referee Bjorn Kuipers and his other assistant referee Sander van Roekel.

You can place a bid on Marktplaats, a Dutch version of eBay until 6pm Central European Time on the 25th of December. Go to Marktplaats.

Serious Request is a charity event from Dutch radio station 3FM. Three deejay’s are locked up in a glass house and will not eat for six days. They only get fruit/vegetable shakes. Listeners can request songs by paying for it. The money goes to the Red Cross. The theme this year is “Let’s clean this shit up”, a campaign against child death from diarrhea.


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