You need dedication to your referee training

Dedication to your referee training is very important to be succesful. You can’t just sit back and relax. Yes, you can have a basic fitness level, but that’s not enough nowadays. To reach the top, you need dedication.
That’s also what Belgian Jean-Baptiste Bultynck sees when supervising the fitness of Women’s Euro referees. He is a former referee and was responsible for the the referee’s fitness training and physical preparation in the run-up to the EURO. He praises the motivation of the referees. “I’m not only impressed by their dedication to fitness”, he says. “But also their dedication to football and to refereeing.”
“They are highly motivated, and want to referee to the best of their ability.” Bultynck says that they do everything to be the best referee they can be.
Dedication from referees during the fitness test at the UEFA Women's EURO Referee Course. Zeist, Holland. (Source of editorial photo: UEFA)
Dedication from referees during the fitness test at the UEFA Women’s EURO Referee Course. Zeist, Holland. (Source of editorial photo: UEFA)
A few words that describe exactly what you need:
  • Dedication
  • Motivation
  • Progression
And if YOU have the first two bullets, it results in the third. Progression is great to see, but doesn’t come easy. That’s why Bultynck is so happy with the referees at Women’s Euro in July. “They want to show how good they are, and how they want to make progres

Dedication at all levels

Dedication is not something for professionals only. It starts at lower levels, because only then you’ll make it to the top. On this blog a few referees talk about dedication and I want you to read their stories. These will inspire you and hopefully keep you dedicated and motivated to keep going. Not only on your fitness, but with your full refereeing career.
  • “Commitment and dedication will abosolutely pay off”, says Bibiana Steinhaus. She is the first female Bundesliga referee.
  • “It inspires me to be where they are and they have proved that it is possible with hard work and dedication.” Thomays Whay is at the Young Referee Development Programme. Top officials Sian Massey, Stuart Burt, Steve Martin and Bobby Madley followed that route too.
  • Dedication is one of the 5 characteristics from Mark Halsey. He fought cancer and came back as Premier League referee.

Want to start your physical training? Read more about fitness for referees.

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