Yeah, my first match in The Hague is scheduled

Yeah, the first match in The Hague is scheduled for next Saturday. For eight years I’ve combined refereeing at a club with playing myself, but now I’ll just focus on refereeing.

KNVB, the Dutch FA, has scheduled two matches for me. The first one will be a youth match in Katwijk. I’m really looking forward to it. You can follow remarkable things of this fresh career on this blog, but this will not replace the interviews as I’ve posted before. Waiting for the blog: interview with top referee in Trinidad and Tobago, Dutch referee coach in Africa and few more. Suggestions for interviews are always welcome.

Oh, here’s the appointment.

First appointment of me in The Hague area

2 thoughts on “Yeah, my first match in The Hague is scheduled

  1. Many many congratulations!
    I hope you can enjoy the match and that everything will be all right.
    Keep the fingers crossed.

  2. Really looking forward to it. Physically fit, had a good training yesterday. Difficult to prepare for the teams, because their first matches were cancelled/abondoned due to heavy rainfall.

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