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Wrexham ghost goal allowed after six minutes

A Wrexham ghost goal was allowed after six minutes of debating by the referee and her assistants. Amy Fearn, the first women who refereed an FA Cup match, initially disallowed the goal and awarded a goal kick. The Wrexham players went mad. After debating six minutes with her assistants, Fearn allowed the goal and Kidderminster Harriers players were angry at her. In the end, that was the right decision.

Check out a video of the Wrexham ghost goal against Kidderminster.

How do you check the nets before the match? And do you check every part of it? This hole was very small, as you can see in the video below.

This situation was a reversed version of last month’s ghost goal in German Bundesliga. German referee Felix Brych allowed a goal when a header from Kiessling went wide, but entered the goal through a hole in the net. Read more about and watchKiessling’s ghost goal.


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