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Windsor Barra Referee Hotel in Rio

Windsor Barra Referee Hotel view.

The referees will stay at the Windsor Barra Hotel in Rio de Janeiro. The hotel is located beach-front with some very nice views over the water.

Most important details of the hotel at a quick glance:

  • It has 5 stars
  • It is located in front of the exuberant beach of Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro.
  • It has a terrace with two swimming pools
  • From the Windsor Barra Referee Hotel it is just an 30 minute drive to the Centro de Futebol Zico training ground where the referees will have their training sessions during the tournament.
  • You can even make a virtual 360 degrees tour throught the Windsor Barra (Referee) Hotel.

    Image on top is the view from the Windsor Barra Referee Hotel (via Google Streetview)


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