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Dear readers,

I’ve just created a new account for my blog: It gives me more possibilities to add special features to my blogs. This means this is the last post on this address. All interviews and articles will be published here from now on. I hope you’ll keep enjoying them, as well as the video’s I post along with them.

In the next weeks I can promise you an interview with a Belgian top referee in futsal and football (yeah, it’s the same person), a Dutch referee about his experiences in the US in comparison with European officiating. Later today I’ll post a nice refereeing cartoon, made this week by @panaManga.

When you have article suggestions or tips for my blog, don’t hesitate to send me a message via @DutchReferee on Twitter or via e-mail on dutchreferee at Please mention bugs to me, because maybe not everything works fine yet.

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Wish you all the best from The Netherlands,

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  • Gavin Kirk

    Maybe you should look at Kevin Blom doing a referees course !!! because that on Saturday was the worst display of refereeing that I have everseen at any standard of football.
    He should come out and talk through his desicions, they were disgraceful ! I will be watching out for Mr Bloom driving a new Ferrari with Chech number plates!!

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