Week 6 Laws of the Game Quiz 2019-2020

Week 6 Laws of the Game Quiz 2019-2020. Can you score 5 out of 5?

A quick recap of week 5. The most difficult question for you all was: The ball seems to go over the boundary line. A coach of team A stops the ball, but at the moment he touches the ball it has not completely crossed the boundary line. How does play need to be restarted?

The answer: a direct free kick. 

Did you know you can check all the answers and explanations straight after the quiz? There’s a link to the correct answers after submitting the form.

The questions of week 6

6 thoughts on “Week 6 Laws of the Game Quiz 2019-2020

  1. The second question was interesting. I’m not a native, but blocking or impeding an opponent doesn’t always have to be a foul in normal play. So if it would not be a foul normally, but he’s impeding the player from an offside position – is it an indirect or a direct free kick?

    • Under impeding the progress as a foul, blocking is one of them. In this case there is contact, so the restart is a direct free kick.

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