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Week 27 Laws of the Game Quiz 2021-2022

Week 27 Laws of the Game Quiz 2021-2022.

Video for question 1

The next quiz will be published next Tuesday. You can always practise previous quizzes on this overview page.

And after submitting your answers, you can see the correct answers immediately.



  • Evans

    Question 5.
    …Offence against a substitute from the other team(opponent)…

    Restart: Free kick on the boundary line….

    Answer given in the quize is incorrect.

  • David

    A defender deliberately handles a ball in a shot on goal (goalkeeper totally unable to save it). Ball goes to an attacker in an offside position who kicks it into the goal. What should the referee do?

    Why not a penalty and red? It is a deliverate save, so should be offside, right?

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      Did you check the explanation after the quiz?

      If it’s very obvious that the other player will score, you can correctly allow the goal.

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