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Week 2 Laws of the Game Quiz 2019-2020

The first test of the new season was well-received. Thanks all for participating. I’ll try something new this year. The tests will now go live on Tuesdays, the day my newsletter goes out. 

On Friday’s you’ll get something back: fitness tips. 

So remember: Test Tuesday, Fitness Friday. 

Good luck with Week 2 Laws of the Game Quiz 2019-2020. 

LOTG Book and week number 2


  • Marc

    Once again, thank you for the helpful quiz for week 2. It certainly helps me prepare for our upcoming tests. Wondering about question 2. I’m not sure I agree with the answer as there is no reference to de-escalating a caution to nothing at a spa advantage. I don’t believe that spa should be treated the same as dogso via a de-escalation “in the spirit”. Obvious GSO is recreating via the quick play and a caution is still given. Whereas SPA is for the sole purpose of buying time to better defend. I would argue that the interruption was successful and is not erased by the quick restart. If the laws wanted a de-escalation, this would have been written in. No?

  • Marc

    I just saw that you added explanation for my question above in week 3 (week 2 recap). Wondering who is the instructor from Canada as I am also in Canada. I better review the material in the last education session for instructors to see if this was brought up. In any case, thank you!

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