• Dan C Heldman

    I find the answer to Question #5 in the above Quiz to be disturbing. Note in particular the answer to immediately prior question (to which question #5 is a follow-up). The defender clearly engaged in dangerous play (no contact) and the punishment for this a caution. It makes little sense to punish dangerous play with a red card when there is no contact and only a shaky evaluation that a DOGSO has been committed.

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      50cm from the goal and about to head the ball in. Seems quite a chance to score a goal, Dan.
      LOTG quizzes should not always be spelled out. Referees should be able to recognize a situation. I will not add “and he’s denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity” in these cases. Refs sometimes have to imagine what a situation looks like and recognize the DOGSO part in it.

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