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Week 13 Laws of the Game Quiz 2017-2018

It’s great to have you here again for Week 13 of the Laws of the Game Quiz. Good luck!



  • John Fairley

    Question 2 could have been worded slightly better! I feel some of these questions fall just short of of the information you would receive if you actually watched the scenario played out with your own eyes, leaving a few answers being correct but depending on how you interpret the not so accurate wording, could give more than one answer being correct! If the wording had said “carried over the penalty area line”, then the answer is definitely a penalty as the most severe offence is awarded! Burt the wording says “stopped holding at the penalty area line,,,which could also have been either free kick outside the penalty area! A little better description please…J

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      Hi John,
      Thanks for the comment. The idea behind that particular question is that the lines of each area belong to the area. You’ll get that when checking the answers. When it is IN the area it is 100% a penalty kick, now refs need to think quickly about the fact how they have to act when it happens on the line. So wording is chosen on purpose.

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