5 thoughts on “Week 11 Laws of the Game Quiz 2019-2020

  1. The refereeing system was good and very nice in the English premier league not until V.A.R was introduced.
    Now var has made the decision of the central referee useless since he can’t decide by himself but to be assisted by the Var 😏🙁

    • They use a different protocol apparently. But you do like VAR if used according to the protocol in other countries?

    • In Canada, if we use the wrong terminology, we get fined 2 dollars at clinics. This is in reference to a referee standing in the box. 😂🤣 Is it a cardboard box that landed on the field or is it the penalty area? Jokes aside, this is less serious than the errors I make on your quizzes! Excellent stuff man!!! This is really a great resource.

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