Week 1 Laws of the Game Quiz 2020-2021

Week 1 Laws of the Game Quiz 2020-2021. The quiz season is back. You’ll get weekly quizzes on Tuesday’s from now on. The next quiz will be published on September 8th. Good luck with this new quiz, which is all about 2020-2021 Laws of the Game changes. Watch the webinar about these changes.

9 thoughts on “Week 1 Laws of the Game Quiz 2020-2021

  1. Hi Jan! Greeting from Germany… I’m Ethan and I’ve participated some of your previous Zoom webinars. My Instagram-ID is ethanozhu, also a follower of yours. So I just got all of the five questions of this LOTG quiz week 1 correct. Just wanna ask you what the goodies would be like 😉

    • I am not a shop, so for that please search online for “referee toss coin”. Good to hear you like the quiz. Enjoy them all.

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