Week 1 Laws of the Game Quiz 2019-2020

The new quiz season starts. Are you prepared? Good luck with Week 1 Laws of the Game Quiz 2019-2020.

I was triggered by a quote from Riem Hussein, Women’s World Cup referee in 2019. She says On Deutche Welle (in English): 

“In theory, there were a huge number of changes. My fist thought was that I would perhaps forget about one or two of them in the heat of a game — but that was definitely not the case. We referees are supposed to, and ultimately did consistently implement the new rules.”

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24 thoughts on “Week 1 Laws of the Game Quiz 2019-2020

  1. Great useful way of testing myself. Thank you! I would change the wording of the back pass one as it does not need to be a “back pass”. Instead, “the ball is deliberately kicked to the goal keeper or in the goal keeper’s general direction.” I read somewhere just yesterday that a deliberate kick is made with the foot, not the shin or the knee etc…

    • The latter is correct. As you pass a ball with your foot, it’s the same as kicking it back. So no question for me if this was with the foot. Curious if others would call header back also a pass.

  2. Question on hitting ball on arm not deliberate and arm in natural position, than goes to team mate who scores. Should be a goal as the ball did not go into goal immediately from arm or hand.

    Second question; isn’t the new rule when a player is injured by a foul from the opposition, that player is allowed to be treated on the field?

    • Hi Michael, check the explanations of the questions after submitting. Ball on hand in a situation like that means NO goal.
      And the injured player: only when there is a card issued.

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