Week 1 Laws of the Game Quiz 2018-2019

Yeah, the new quiz season starts. This is the first quiz of 2018-2019 and based on the latest LOTG changes for the new season.

Good luck!

After submitting the quiz, you can see the answers.

21 thoughts on “Week 1 Laws of the Game Quiz 2018-2019

  1. Re question #5, I don’t really understand this law change. If the goal is not scored, why isn’t it still a red for DOGSO? It seems the referee should not play advantage in this situation. Prior law seemed to make more sense where DOGSO was yellow only if goal scored and red if goal denied.

    • Hi Robert, you show someone red card for denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity. If a teammate gets that goal-scoring opportunity, you’ll give the advantage. As they still have the chance to score a red card is not the right punishment there.

  2. I believe your correct answer to #1 is incorrect. The LOG section you cite pertains to communications whereas what the coach is doing is tracking performance per (as alternative 3 implies) GPS devices. The use of GPS devices is prohibited unless the practice overall is an approved EPTS program (including wearing only devices with the approved “mark” plus a second mark to indicate reliability and safety).

    • No issues with trademarks and approvements here, it would have been mentioned. This LOTG quiz is about the law changes and I guess nobody will do an IMS tradmark check for a gps device that is in the sole of someones shoe (and you can’t even see).

      That’s not what these quizzes are for.

  3. hi! can help me to know how can I submit my test ? and how can I get the mark from what I am done thanks

  4. These questions are good for referees as they help them to guage themselves on Laws of the game. And more questions referees do the do more they understand laws of the game .

  5. These quizzes are fantastic! I really like the fact that you directly relate the answers, correct or wrong, to the relevant Law of the Game. I always try to take a many of the quizzes as possible before a match. Please keep doing this: I, and I am sure a lot of other referees who come to your website – truly appreciate you.

    • Nice to hear from you. I will do this on a weekly basis, except for summer and winter breaks. That gives me some time as well to take a rest.

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