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Video: referees prepare for the 2014 World Cup

Referees of three confederations (UEFA, AFC and OFC) met in Zürich for a seminar prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

“Seminars like this are important to reset our focus”, says Felix Brych. “We are in the middle of the season at home and in the Champions League. You can’t lose the focus on the World Cup, that’s why this seminar is important.”

For the German top class referee the exchange of thoughts with peers from other countries and continents is very important. The selected World Cup referees will also watch a lot of video’s and these meetings will help them to get a standard interpretations of the Laws of the Game.

Another thing referees do is prepare physically. Watch the photo series of the training session during the World Cup referee meeting.

Referees got a medical check at the World Cup referee meeting.
Referees got a medical check at the World Cup referee meeting.
Howard Webb says that referees should be physically ready for the job they’re asked to do: refereeing at a World Cup. But it’s not just that. The meeting was also about health and well-being. The referees also got a medical check-ups last week: is the cholesterol level right? The heart? Blood pressure?

“I’m impressed by the dedication of the referees and assistant referees during this week”, says Fifa referee boss Massimo Busacca. He also told Reuters that referees should care for the players’ safety: “The safety of the players is very important so the referees have to read the situation carefully at the beginning of the game.”

“That is the role of the referee, to try to understand and anticipate”, says Busacca. “Sometimes, the players forget because of the adrenalin. The role of the referee is to say: ‘Do you want to play today or do you want to take a shower?'”

See for yourself which tests the referees had to pass and how the referees prepare for the 2014 World Cup in June and July.

PS: referees should be alert and focus on details. Do you remember which referee gave a red card in the video?


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