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Utrecht Dutch Laws of the Game Champions 2013

Referees from Utrecht are the Dutch Laws of the Game Champions 2013. The team won for the 4th time in a row the national championship for football rules specialists.

Utrecht referees win the utch Laws of the Game Champions 2013
Utrecht referees win the utch Laws of the Game Champions 2013
Marco Ritmeester from Utrecht was the individual champion with 124 points out of a possible 140.

The referees from Utrecht only won by 7 points from De Langstraat after a full day (10am untill 5pm) of questions about the football rules. Referees get questions they never thought about before or situations which are not likely to happen, but things you should be prepared for as a referee.

For example the first question for the referees: How many cards can a referee give to active players during a competition match on highest amateur level before he needs to abandon the match?

  • A. Max. 39
  • B. Max. 40
  • C. Max. 46
  • D. Max. 47

Post your answer below. The correct answer is published in this new blog post.

I also took some pictures during the Dutch Laws of the Game Champions 2013.
Check out a photo album of the tournament on Facebook

Later this week more about how to organise such a championship for your country and how the referees are being tested.


  • Roy van den Steen

    11 spelers * 2 teams is 22 spelers. Die krijgen allemaal geel.
    Vervolgens krijgen aan beide kanten 4 spelers een tweede gele + rode kaart (16 erbij is dus 38). De eerstvolgende speler die dan een gele kaart krijgt (en dus rood er bij) betekent einde wedstrijd na maximaal 40 kaarten.

    (For Non-Dutch: 11 players times 2 teams is max 22 yellows.
    From each side 4 players can receive a second yellow + following red. This ads 8 players * 2 cards (= 16) to the previous 22 and makes 38. The next time a player receives yellow (and subsequently red [cards 39 and 40]) the game has to be abandoned for one team having less than 7 players. Answer in my opinion: B

    • Roy van den Steen

      I forgot 3 subs on each side who each also receive a yellow. So if both teams make 3 subs the max is 46 (also D).

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