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Using running apps as a referee (part 2)

All of a sudden a female voice sounded from my left upper arm during the referees training. I was pretty surprised.

I turned the audio volume of my smartphone off, but the Endomondo audio-feedback is apparently able to keep talking. The idea of the coaching is nice, but I felt a bit stupid that my phones was making noises during the training session.

Last week, I asked you for suggestions for good running apps. Thanks for your mentions on Twitter, Facebook and this blog.
Thanks all for your suggestions for the running apps. You suggested: Endomondo, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness and Adidas miCoach. I already used the free version of Runtastic.

The Endomondo app I used last week is good, but I’d like to know what the time interval is for the app to connect with the GPS satellite/tracker. Doing a workout on the streets is easy for running apps, but it is pretty difficult to measure distances accurately if referees make short turns. I’ll take a look at the other apps and will let you know which app connects most often with the GPS satellite/tracker.

For what it’s worth: I ran 7,34 km’s during last training session. At first a few warm-up rounds, then sprints followed by ten sets of 2 minute runs and 1 minute rest.

See map below of the Hague’s training ground below with the route we did.

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