Uefa’s RAP for Mac Catalina users with Mulppy

There are some problems with Uefa’s RAP for Mac Catalina users, but there is a solution now. LabHiper Media, who makes the videos, is pleased to inform you that it’s solved with their new app Mulppy. It even opens “new possibilities in the future with mobile devices (very soon)”.

The Refereeing Assistance Programme is very popular for referees and contains tons of videos where you can learn from as referee. Because of the update, Uefa’s RAP for Mac Catalina users is now also available.

Firstly: Download Mulppy app

You must open the new presentations with this application that can be downloaded in the Apple Store. It’s a perpetual licence and costs €4,99. Download Mulppy.

Secondly: Download RAP files in new format

Then, you need to download the project whit the new multimedia format:

All other files are available on the Refereeing Assistance Programme download page.

Mulppy and Cloudlab by Laphibermedia





  • Madison Zienkiewicz

    I tried this and it still won’t let me open them in the app so I’m a bit frustrated after spending the $6 for it to not work. Any ideas as to why it won’t or suggestions?

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      I’d suggest you to get in touch with the creators of the app, as they can help you with it. Hopefully they can work things out for you.

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