Uefa released new futsal international referee list

Uefa has released the new international futsal’s referee list.

Check the lists below:

Most referees on the highest futsal refereeing level come from Spain and Croatia (2 per country).

Category two
Youngest referee on the list is Gerald Blauernfeind from Austria with 29 years. Oldest referee is Francisco Jose Seca Parrinha from Portugal who is 44 years old.

Category three
A huge list with 54 lists.

Check the men’s international football list here
Check the women’s international football list here

4 thoughts on “Uefa released new futsal international referee list

  1. I have noticed that the women and futsal referees are not listed in alphabetical order, by country, as the men’s list. Do you know what order was used by UEFA for the women and futsal lists?

  2. The files I posted are exactly how they were provided by Uefa. More or less the same with the men’s list on my page. Martin has put refs from the same country together in his blog post.

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