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Two head stamps during last weekend

Two head stamps by football players last weekend. How do you think of those situations? On purpose or just an accident? Please let me know your thoughts.

The first situation is at the Spanish derby between Real Madrid and Barcelona with referee Alberto Undiano Mallenco. Busquets stamps on the head of Pepe. The referee was close by, but had many things to look for. Would you give Busquets a red card?

The second situation is from the Europa League. Carlos Tevez runs towards Neto. The Fiorentina goalie reached the ball earlier, Tevez jumped, but landed on the referee’s head. A refereeing colleague on Facebook said: “Should have sent him off; it is clear that he could have kept his legs up and cleared the GK but chose not to. Brutality.” What would you decide?


  • Hubert

    Tevez’ challenge had place in Europa League (2nd leg of 1/8 final between Fiorentina and Juventus), not Serie A. 🙂

    Of course, both acts should’ve been punished by a red card and corresponding bodies should think about long-time bans!

    • jan (administrator)

      Thanks for the comment. Changed Serie A in Europa League. Was a bit confused by the two Italian teams, but you are totally right!

      I think both actions should be punished with a red card indeed. I haven’t heared about sanctions by the way. Did you?

      • Hubert

        In Tevez’ case any sanction is impossible because Howard Webb, after consultation with Andre Marriner (additional assistant who didn’t see more) decided to issue a yellow card. In case of Busquets’ behaviour, corresponding body is able to punish him for that because Undiano Mallenco didn’t detect a stomp at the moment.

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