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Training session at the Hague’s Referee Association

A training session at your own referee assocition, that’s awesome. And I don’t get one per week, but two. What does a training at the Hagues Referee Association (HSV in Dutch) look like? Check out our 1 hour session in the blog post below.


We started off with warm-up laps around our pitch for 8 minutes, followed by a dynamic warming-up. What we did is jog for 10 metres then an excercise, like lifting the knees or walking side-ways.

Check out this story on how to do a proper warm-up.

3x a Steigerung of 50m

After doing a proper warming-up we did a Steigerung. It’s a German word we use for it, but I don’t know a proper translation. Over a length of 50 metres, there are cones every 10 metres. What you’ll notices is that the speed goes up at every cone. Between the fourth and fifth cone you’ve reached your maximum speed. Make sure there is room to slow down. Walk back to the start and totally do this exercise three times.

Exercise 1 

Our training field is about 60 metres long. We use it to the max. 

In the following exercises you’ll vary your speed constantly. For one series, you’ll follow all steps five times. After one serie, you’ll have two minutes of rest. Then do the second serie of five laps.

example of referee fitness training

Exercise 2

In exercises 2 we use the diagonals of the pitch. The diagonal is about 70 metres. 

  • We jog up to the kick-off mark for about 35m. 
  • Then we sprint to the corner of the pitch. 
  • We walk for 15m on the short side, followed by 15m of jogging. 
  • Then follows a long 70m sprint to the other corner. 
  • Back to start with a 30m walk.

Repeat for five times.

Second example of training session

Exercise 3

The third and last exercise is what we call the pyramid. You have different variations. We have 8 cones over the length of 60 metres. 

  • Jog up to cone 1 and back. 
  • Then jog up to cone 8 and back.
  • Jog up to cone 2 and back.
  • Then jog up to cone 8 and back. 
  • And so on, until you’ve had all of them.

Tip: do a cooling down after the training sessions.

How many km’s did we train?

I made a photo of one of the referee watches, because it was quite an intense session. That gives you an impression of what the hour looks like in total distance. Check out below how many km’s we ran.

Polar watch


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