Corona: Training at home for referees

Training at home for referees is a must now you have to stay in your house due to the corona virus. But what are the alternatives? In this blog post I’ll give you some ideas.

Another time highlighting this, as in NL we’re in a second lockdown and training options are sparse in many countries. Take care, stay safe!

1. Go out in nature.

In The Netherlands sports clubs and my referee association in The Hague are closed, but I’m allowed to go outside. I loved my run in the park and there’s a lot of nature to run in. 

4 types of referee training

2. Core stability training at home

At home there’s lots of stuff to do, because there’s more to train for than running. Core stability exercises are a great way to help for your stability and balance. If you start now, you might get used to it for the season, as you’ll benefit from that as well.

Core stability excercises referees

3. Check out home-workout videos on YouTube and Instagram

There’s plenty of exercises online if you don’t have any inspiration. For example this video where you do a cardio training without any equipment. And on this website a lot more video’s with home workouts.

4. Use the threadmill

If you have any: great tool to do your workouts on. You can stay at home and make sure you remain fit. One issue: there’s not much sport you can watch on tv while working out.

Women's Euro referee hotel fitness room

5. Have a walk with family

Every weekend you’re out for your games. You’ll probably train during the week. Now there’s a great opportunity, try to have time with your family at home (make sure not to gather with too many people these days!) and combine that with being active.

6. Use the jumping rope

Yes, the old-fashioned jumping ropes. A great tool to train a lot of muscles in your body. Works perfect for an intense work-out. If you live in an aparment building as I do, please try outside 😉

7. The 7 minute work-out app

The 7 minute work-out app is a great way to train every day. There might be less opportunities at home to train for a full hour, but this workout app will help you do some crucial exercises – maybe even twice a day.

One for Android and Apple Store.

8. Use resistance bands

I bought a resistance band a long time a go. I am not a frequent user, but it’s a perfect tool to use when training at home.

9. Install your pull-up bar in the garage

One of the suggestions by a reader, who can’t go to the gym anymore, because they are all closed. He is curious what all other refs do and tells me he installed a ull-up bar in the garage.

And what about getting the fitness equipment to your house. Like my Instagram page for more inspiration.

10. Yoga for runners or stretching

In the beginning I wasn’t doing any yoga at all, but mrs. DutchReferee showed me the benefits. Adriene on YouTube gives you great instructions and she also has some specific exercises for runners or for stretching. I have to admit: something you should give a try as well.

11. Walk the stairs in your apartment building

I live on the 13th floor and going to pick up my mail by using the stairs is a good one if you can’t go out. Not much mail these days, but curiousity keeps me going down. Every week I get some new referee badges from readers, so I’ll have a look for sure 🙂

12. Online referee development session

FA Refereeing organised an online referee development session. Enjoy!

13. Playing tennis with saucepans

Just an idea from top tennis player Novak Djokovic: play tennis with saucepans. If you need to stay at home, you can still move and play with your partner.

14. Insights by Canadian national AR

National Assistant Referee Gérard-Kader Lebuis has a few tips:

Share your ideas

I love to hear your ideas and thoughts on this. Share tips on or reply below on this post. Please let us help each other.

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