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Tom Kowal: 4 tips from an NHL referee

Watch this NHL Life Series which showcases NHL Referee Tom Kowal. “A referee’s Life” is a short documentary about a referee in the highest hockey league of the USA and Canada.

Tom Kowal tells about a flood on June 20 2013 that devastated Calgary. The so-called “Alberta floods” were so heavy, the water got 6 feet up into Kowal’s house.

There are also a few tips from Tom Kowal which are also useful for football referees.

  • Everything isn’t always black and white when you make a decision.
  • Know yourself. That will make you a better referee.
  • Have faith in your teammates – your assistant referees.
  • Support of your family in what you do is very important. Kowal says: “Players have their teammates behind them. You have your family behind you. On ice and in life.”


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