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The position of the ball with corner kick

Referee Markus Wingenbach cancelled a goal in the German Bundesliga match between SC Freiburg and Hertha BSC. But was it a right decision?

Freiburg players celebrated a goal, which was approved by the Wingenbach. But after a discussion with his assistant, the referee let the cornerball be retaken.

Take a look at the position off the ball. Would you order a re-take?

Here’s what the Laws off the Game mention about the position of the ball with a corner kick:


  • Arjan

    I’d say no problem. It looks like the lower left position..
    btw, add the time of the event, saves searching (or watching the entire vid) 🙂
    from 5.20 on I think..
    Oh and great music.

  • Niels

    I believe the ball is touching the line, which means it is a correct taking corner and goal. In my opinion a terrible mistake of the assistant and the ref.
    You see that the ref is unfamiliar with the rule as he demonstrately puts the ball inside the area and gives a yellow card to the player who puts the ball on the line again.
    This kind of huge mistakes are embarrassing.

  • Andy

    Too many player take the piss with corner kick ball placement. Often they place the ball the other side of the white curve making it clearly outside the corner triangle and it drives me nuts. Just place the fucking ball within the corner triangle as per the rules of the game. Why does every footballer feel they can flount the rules when they are supposed to be professionals and fully understand the rules of the game. Petulant arseholes.

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      Me too. Had a similar experience recently as AR. Asked him kindly first to put it in the triangle, but he ignored me. Then flagged and ref ordered a retake.

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      We’ve never seen a camera shot from above, so you’ll never know for sure if that was just inside the arc.

      But if out, it doesn’t give a huge advantage. I would not be very picky on that.

  • John

    It’s ridiculous to let this abuse go on. I don’t know when the rule changed but I played soccer in the 1960s when the ball had to be placed inside the triangle and was not allowed on the outside.
    It drives me crazy to see players doing this and strikes me as petty. Do they really think it helps? Why have a triangle if they are not going to use it?

  • Lenny

    It’s surely a line? As in any other line on the pitch? For a corner, goal kick, throw in or goal, the ball must be fully across the line. So why do you think it’s different for a corner? I used to play Saturday and Sunday league in the 90s and 00s and have seen the ball placed like this all the way back then. The only rule is you can’t remove the corner flag. Amazes me what some fans do and don’t know.

  • Philip R. Referee Retired

    A slight change would solve the problem and abuse ??
    It is time the Corner quadrant was made Square, as in Hockey.
    And the Ball to be placed inside the Square

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      As long as you have a line, you can place the ball inside the area. Square or circle would not make a difference then. The only thing that could change is that the center of the ball needs to be on the line or inside. But that’s not in line with all other things in the LOTG where the ball is still in the FOP as long as it hasn’t fully crossed the line.

  • Peter Crooks

    I always believed the rule was the ball had to be INSIDE the arc. I don’t know if the arc is classed as inside the line but I would have thought it does. Funny how they’ll disallow a goal for a big toe but allow corners to be taken illegally and throw-ins can be taken within 10 metres of where the ball went out of play.

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