The IFAB Laws of the Game App

The IFAB Laws of the Game App is the new app for referees, players, coaches and fans. Because of this new app, you can keep the rules of football in your pocket.

Another big advantage: you can make notes for yourself about the Laws of the Game. That gives you the chance to have another look at it later on.

Download IFAB Laws of the Game App

IFAB Laws of the Game App

App for everyone

As the IFAB says:

Do you want to become a (better) referee? Are you a player, a coach, or a journalist writing about football? Do you want to check something in the Laws while watching a match on TV or at a stadium?

It does not matter if you are a professional or an amateur, an expert or a die-hard fan, or just curious. If you referee, play, coach or watch football – you have to know the Laws of the Game.

Laws of the Game changes

For the 2019-2020 season there are a few changes again. You can see the changes for next season on my blog. I’ve also got the full text documents in English, German, Spanish and French. Download them on the LOTG page.

Paper version of LOTG book

And if you still prefer a paper version. The Top Ref offers printed LOTG versions in English and Spanish. Go to their webshop.

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