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‘Technology will be benefit for football referees’

‘Let adversity be your calatyst to greatness Lucas’, is what referee Adrian Skeete tweeted to Lucas Leiva from Liverpool. That motto has brought the referee from Barbados on the international refereeing list.

This is the third part of an interview by Dutch Referee Blog with him. You can read part one and part two on this blog.

How do you think of goal-line-technology?

“With the game changing on a constant basis, with new technology being used to create lightweight balls, ‘techfit’, aerodynamic clothing for players, nutrition and training providing intensely high fitness levels of players; I believe it would benefit football referees greatly by introducing technology into the game.”

“Although this is true, we have to draw the line somewhere. Do we want offside’s, and fouls being called for us by a technology? No. What makes this game special is the fact the there is a human, instinctive, and wholly natural element to the game, this is what FIFA wants to keep alive. It’s what makes this game the most popular, most entertaining, and intensely passionate sport in the world. Now and for many generations to come, nothing compares to the game of football.”

What advice would you give to my readers for their refereeing career?

“To become successful with anything in life, you have to train, and play hard. If you are just starting out, find a good mentor, and a good refereeing association. Get yourself into a good training regime, and most importantly keep your faith in God first, believe in yourself, and success, glory and greatness can only be destined.”

“There will be times that you will be challenged by adversity, doubt, opposition, and criticism. There will be games that you make mistakes that you did not think were possible, and you will feel like no one wants you to succeed and that you may as well throw in the towel.”

“But I have a saying that I always look to. It reminds me of my goals, my aspirations, and pushes me forward to where I want top be in life: ‘Let adversity be your catalyst and greatness will be yours’.”

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