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Team leaves pitch after goalie gets red for kicking fan

Goalie Esteban from AZ Alkmaar got karate kicked in the back by an Ajax supporter. He recognized it just before the fan was close behind him.

The man fell down and the goalie kicks him while lying on the ground. Referee Bas Nijhuis gave the goalie a red card. AZ coach Verbeek took his team off the pitch because he doesn’t feel safe anymore. The match is abandoned.

Referee Nijhuis, who got promoted to Elite Development this week, after the match: “I couldn’t do anything else then apply the rules and give a red card.”

What do you think the Dutch FA will do: punish Ajax for fan doing karate kick on goalie or AZ for leaving the pitch? Rematch? Let me know what you would decide.

Embedding the video was impossible, so watch the highlights on the Dutch Eredivisie website. (think you can watch them abroad too)

This is a second video, made from behind the goal. Due to many viewers, the vids are not always available.

Khalid Sinouh, second goalie of PSV Eindhoven, tweeted shortly after the incident: “Net debeelden gezien van AjaxAz. Esteban broeder je hebt helemaal gelijk, zou precies hetzelfde hebben gedaan!!!” Translation: Just seen the video of Ajax-AZ. Esteban, brother, you are totally right, I’d have done exactly the same.

Ajax financial director Jeroen Slop, also responsible for safety at the club: “We will never again sell a ticket for an Ajax match to the 19-year-old fan who went on the pitch. This is very sad. We apologize to AZ.”

– The attacker of the goalie was held in custody overnight by the police. It’s not sure wether he’ll be kept in prison for another day.
– AZ goalie Esteban took a flight to his home country Costa Rica today. That’s what a spokesman of the club confirmed to Dutch media. “The players got ten days off now and most of them catch a plane immediately. Esteban too.”
– The 19-year-old attacker recently still had a stadium ban for three years, says Ajax in a statement on their website.
– Dutch FA confirmed that clubs have untill 27th of December 10am to send their reports about abandoning the match. The FA will probably make a decision on 28th of December.
– Dutch FA’s prosecutor announced that the red card for the goalie will be withdrawn. No suspension for Esteban.
UPDATE TUESDAY: Dutch FA announces that a press conference will be held on Wednesday 10am to explain what will happen.
– Last weekend Ajax says the ‘fan’ gets a stadium ban of thirty years. Court ruled that the boy will be held in prison until Thursday.


  • Raymond Visser

    Tough decision:
    I think several actions are to be taken here:
    Firstly about the game: The red card should immediately be nullified because Esteban did kick the so-called Fan when he was down, but since this all occured in a fraction of a second after he saw the fan coming to attack him. As we all know in this sort of danger-situations people get an adrenaline rush that lasts at least 6 seconds, so he had no time to think about what he was doing.
    The match in my opinion should be replayed from scratch in the AZ stadium, giving them the home advantage and excluding all Ajax supporters
    Ajax should be fined and be somehow supervised because this crazy fan already had a stadium-ban for 3 years, so how was it possible that this dork was even in the stadium. This should be thoroughly investigated!

  • Raymond Visser

    3-0 for AZ makes no sense at all because they were the ones causing the abandonment by leaving the pitch beforey any other decision was made. In that case the disciplinary 3-0 according to KNVB ruling should be in favor of AJAX

  • Niclas

    New match without supporters.
    I can understand the reaction of the AZ team but Nijhuis solely acted according to the rules. A shame what KNVB decided yesterday and a wrong signal IMO.

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