Take maximum control as referee

“Make sure you’ll have maximum control as referee”, says Bjorn Kuipers. That doesn’t mean you have to step up with a dominant presence, you need to control the things you can.

Kuipers' Classroom: take maximum control as referee

Taking maximum control as referee means, according to Kuipers, that you  everything you can to deliver a top performance. And key there is: it’s not just about the game itself. “Maximum control starts with your knowledge of the Laws of the Game”, says the Fifa referee. “And you need to have the physical ability to keep up with play.”

Maximum control as referee

And that’s not all. How do you go your games? “You also need to control your attitude and professional behaviour”.

So that’s:

  • Knowledge of the Laws of the Game
  • Physical ability
  • Attitude and professional behaviour

“These are things you can control. What you do to improve these things is leading. You’re in control of them.”

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