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    Referees in the media (week 31)

    ‘Referees in the media’ will be published at the beginning of the week on the Dutch Referee Blog and provides remarkable or interesting quotes and links to articles worth reading. “Yet there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of her. And that’s a good thing because Seitz is a referee, and for an official, anonymity is often the reward for a job well done.” Los Angelos Times journalist Kevin Baxter about Kari Seitz, US referee in her third consecutive Olympic soccer tournament. “It’s my hope in my lifetime that we get some women referees in the World Cup (for men, jth).” Kari Seitz realizes that things ‘don’t happen overnight’, but…

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    Looks like Viktor Kassai’s AR failed too

    Seen lot’s of discussions about the Ukrainian goal that didn’t count. But the decision from the extra assisant is not the first mistake. Got this picture via BBC journalist Jacqui Oatley, which showed that Viktor Kassai’s AR missed an offside first. Artem Milevskiy (center) got the ball from the Ukrainian left back, and the image below shows that he is probably (can’t see full pitch) offside. Most newspapers in Holland missed that. What about that in your country? I’m wondering if this will influence which referee teams are going home today. I bet so. Who do you think will stay in Poland and Ukraine for the final rounds? And why?…

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    Reactions from referees who’ll go to EC 2012

    Uefa has selected twelve referees for the European Championship 2012 in Ukraine and Poland. You can find the Uefa list with twelve referees and the fourth officials here. I’ve searched the internet for reactions from each appointed referee, which you can find below. European referee boss Pierluigi Collina on Uefa.com: “The 12 are all referees from the elite group, so they are the top referees in Europe. They have all refereed UEFA Champions League matches during the past two seasons. What they can guarantee are two main elements – quality and experience. And only one referee, Howard Webb, was at UEFA EURO 2008. So there has been significant turnover.” Cüneyt…

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    First appointments for the WC final round

    The first referees the first matches in the knock-out stage of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa are appointed by Fifa. Match 49: Uruguay – Korea with Wolfgang Stark. Match 50: USA – Ghana with Viktor Kassai. Match 51: Germany – England with Jorge Larrionda. Match 52: Argentina – Mexico with Roberto Rosetti. Join the discussion of which referee deserves a spot in the finals on the Dutch Referee blog and read the World Cup refereeing review.