Ravshan Irmatov about his tactical approach

Asian top referee Ravshan Irmatov talks about his tactical approach of matches.

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Dutch Referee Blog has spoken with Ravshan Irmatov form Uzbekistan during 2010’s World Cup in South-Africa. Read the article here.

Ravshan Irmatov

Referees in the media (week 36)

‘Referees in the media’ will be published each Monday on the Dutch Referee Blog and provides remarkable or interesting quotes and links to articles worth reading.

“Tell them and train them to understand that modern day refereeing involves a host of extremely technical skills. It demands a certain level of academic flair, high physical fitness, strong mental and psychological personalities and also excellent communication skills.”

An advice to all Asian fitness instructors by Toshio Utsumi, Fifa fitness instructor.

“If he has seen it again, all he has to say is, ‘I’m sorry’.”

Says former Dutch international top referee Mario van der Ende about Kevin Blom’s performance and last minute penalty kick call against Scotland after a dive.

“When no one speaks about you, everything is fine.”

Says Sacha Stegemann, one of German refereeing brothers.

Referees in the media (week 29)

‘Referees in the media’ will be published each Monday on the Dutch Referee Blog and provides remarkable or interesting quotes and links to articles worth reading.

“With hard work, determination and commitment I’m sure the OFC referees will be just as good, if not better, than the top confederations.”

By Japanese FIFA fitness instructor Toshio Utsumi, who has to prepare the Oceanian referees O’Leary, Kumar and Namo for the u20 World Cup in Colombia, on the website of OceaniaFootball.com.

“I don’t know if it was because I’m a female too, and they’re used to being refereed by men. Or maybe because I was younger than them.”

By rugby referee Sarah Bennison in The Guardian, who faced disrespect from female players officiating their matches.

Oostrom in police magazine

During work (as police officer, jth) and on the pitch I constantly have to make decisions. So, during my job I practise for refereeing, and vice versa.

By talented 21-year-old referee Ingmar Oostrom in Dutch police magazine Korpskrant. Oostrom wants to become the youngest referee in professional football in The Netherlands. He needs one more promotion to get appointments for matches in Jupiler League, the second level in Holland.

“The fact that our associates go abroad is not only because the get economically important offers. Our leaders are picked because of their technical qualities, not for other reasons.”

By Marcello Nicchi, president of the Italian Referee Association (AIA), in newspaper la Repubblica. He regrets the fact that referee bosses Collina and Rosetti went to respectively Ukrain (2010) and Russia (2011).

We just finished a really incredible day and are nearly at the end of our WWC 2011 journey.

By American refereeing trio on their blog after just after having whistled in match for 3rd place between Sweden and France.