Shouting at referee 3 times per game

Shouting at referee, which player hasn’t done it? Yes, I was commenting a lot on the referee as well. Not aggressively, but I knew the rules better – at least that’s what I thought.

This season I was in a dressing room with a fellow referee who asked me: If a player moans three times at the refereeper match, do you think that is a lot or not?

Think about it and the scroll down below the picture.

Shouting at referee with megaphone

Three did not sound like a huge amount. Then he did the math for mee. 11 players + 3 substitutes, 1 coach per team. That means 30 people. If they all were shouting at the referee 3 times per game, you’ll get 90 comments. That means 1 comment per minute. The refereeing colleague then said: “What if your boss shouts at you every minute? I would hit him.”

Did you ever realise this? Think about it next week.

PS: Do you experience many moaning players during your game? How do you deal with players who argue with you?