Swearing does not usually lead to red card from ref

“Referees would have issued a red card for sexually inclined words or phrases rather than for terms insulting one’s appearance.” That’s the conclusion of a study by researchers at the University of Vienna.

The Austrian scientists also found that referees regularly ignore the use of swear words by players on the pitch. Their research shows that only 55.7 percent the participants will give a red card in response to a verbal offence. (Will add table with stats about ‘yellow’, ‘admonition’ or ‘no reaction’ next days. Tell me if you’re interested.)

Referees from Vienna referee organisations were placed in front of the computer and got the question what they’d decided if a player would use a particular swear word. Eleven from the 230 contestants pronounced judgments in accordance with the Laws of the Game. “They chose the red card for all of the pronounced swear words.”

Seven of the participants told that verbal abuse would lead to a red card, but they did not give one in all cases. “This suggests that although referees know how to apply Law 12, they do not consistantly do so”, says the research report.

Final conclusion of the researchers: “Possibly, a game like soccer requires game managers rather than referees.”

Tell me what you’ll do if a player insults you!

PS: Trying to get the list with swear words by the way.

Red card in a friendly: yes or no?

Last weekend I watched a friendly match and the referee didn’t give a card. In my opinion he could give at least one direct red card.

Should players not be booked for an offence because it’s a friendly? Should referees change their match policy in non-official matches? Do you see it more often that the man in black doesn’t show a red card in a such matches? Let me know what you think. Red or yellow card in a friendly: yes or no? (and why)