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    Ravshan Irmatov gets Order of People’s Honour

    Referee Ravshan Irmatov is awarded with Order of People’s Honour of Uzbekistan. The match official officiated at 2014’s World Cup in Brazil. All three major football papers devote their frontpage to Uzbekistan’s World Cup referees they day after the event. That is how more countries and sports papers should honour referees. I love it. It’s not just an Order of People’s Honour that Ravshan Irmatov got. Thanks to Sanjar Rizayev, the press officer, I am allowed to publish a photo series from the ceremony and the new car Irmatov got from the president. The car keys for the referee and his assistant. Press conference after ref gets honoured. Ravshan Irmatov…

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    Change decision: Irmatov gives penalty … oh no, a goal

    Ravshan Irmatov whistled for a foul in the Confederations Cup match between Italy and Brazil and awarded a penalty. Then he realised that another Italian player scored a goal immediately after he whistled. He choose to change decision and awards the goal. Is that a correct call by the referee? Below an explanation based on the Laws of the Game, but first the video from that match. “He has admitted he made a mistake,” said FIFA spokesman Pekka Odriozola. Below there’s an explanation why it was a mistake, so you could learn from that. A short description of the situation: There’s a corner kick for Italy and players are duelling…

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    Ravshan Irmatov about his tactical approach

    Asian top referee Ravshan Irmatov talks about his tactical approach of matches. See more recent referee video’s on the Asian Football Conferation’s YouTube Channel. – AFC Elite Referee Instructor, Shamsul Maidin on AFC’s Referee Development Program. – Benjamin Jon Williams with an advice for young referees. – AFC Elite Referee Instructor Ali Traifi explains the selection process for AFC Project Future Referees. – AFC Elite Referee Fitness Instructor, Utsumi Toshio speaks about the importance of physical fitness in modern day refereeing. Dutch Referee Blog has spoken with Ravshan Irmatov form Uzbekistan during 2010’s World Cup in South-Africa. Read the article here.

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    Ravshan Irmatov with fantastic Asian refereeing

    Ravshan Irmatov was the youngest referee in this World Cup in South Africa. But his age was no problem in his first big football tournament. Actually, the Uzbezkistan refree was one of the referees who surprised the World. The Fifa awarded his good performances with 5 WC matches and the semi-final between The Netherlands and Uruguay. Valdir Bicudo, blogging about refereeing for the Brazilian website Parana Online , and Jan ter Harmsel (me) interviewed him. He stayed at the referee headquarters of Kievits Kroon until the end of this World Cup and only two referees before him were allowed to officiate in five matches during one World Cup. Armando Archundia…

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    Facts about referees in World Cup finals

    Some more statistics about the World Cup. Fifa announced today that Howard Webb will get the final of 2010’s World Cup in South Africa. The last English referee was Jack Taylor in the match between The Netherlands and West Germany. In all 19 WC finales (including 2010) there were 4 referees from Britain. Referees in World Cup finals 2010 Howard Webb (England) 2006 Horacio Elizondo (Argentina) 2002 Pierluigi Collina (Italy) 1998 Said Belgola (Marocco) 1994 Sandor Puhl (Hungary) 1990 Edgardo Codesal Mendez (Mexico) 1986 Romualdo Arppi Filho (Brazil) 1982 Arnaldo Coelho (Brazil) 1978 Sergio Gonella (Italy) 1974 Jack Taylor (England) 1970 Rudolf Glöckner (East Germany) 1966 Gottfried Dienst (Switzerland) 1962…