Martin Hansson documentary Rättskiparen

Cover of dvd with Martin Hansson documentary.

Wonderful Martin Hansson documentary called Rättskiparen about the Swedish top football referee. A Swedish documentary of half an hour which you should see as a football match official.

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So how this story goes? A description of The Documentary Network: “Top football referee Martin Hansson had a successful journey towards his vision in life, the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Then one dark night in Paris on November 18th, 2009, all hell broke loose…”

Check out his dramatic road to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

The Referee | Rättskiparen [2010] from Freedom From Choice AB. on Vimeo.

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Martin Hansson quits as professional referee

Referees in the media will be published randonly on the Dutch Referee Blog and provides remarkable or interesting quotes and links to articles worth reading: Martin Hansson, Paul MacArtney.

Martin Hansson quits his job as full-time professional referee. He will continue refereeing at Swedish top level but will combine it with another job.

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And how does Reuters introduce him? Not with his name but as “the Swedish referee who missed a Thierry Henry handball before the goal against Ireland that sent France to the World Cup in 2010”.

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Paul MacArtney saves a footballers life after a serious injury during a football match. He got a National Special Award for Courage by the Lancashire Football Association.

Pedro Proença during tv interview: he already officiated the 2012 CL final.

Artur Soares loves to work with Pedro Proença, here shown during tv interview.

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UEFA Regions’ Cup final referee Artur Soares about his match. Check full article on