Extra assistant referee keeps ball in play

An extra assistant referee in the Italian match between Juventus and Genua was standing on the backline and keeps the ball in play.

Claudio Marchisio shoots the ball, but it missed the target completely. But it touches the extra assistant referee who’s standing on the edge of the goal area just on the goal line. The assistant referee still flags for a goal kick.

Italian extra assistant referee keeps the ball in play.

Italian extra assistant referee keeps the ball in play. Photo: screenshot Sport 1 (go to video: – maybe only for Dutch viewers because of country restrictions)

Did referee Marco Guida and his team make a mistake?

The Laws of the Game state that:

The ball is out of play when:
• it has wholly crossed the goal line or touch line whether on the ground or in the air

That’s not a fact. The rules also say the following.

Ball in play
The ball is in play at all other times, including when:
• it rebounds off a goalpost, crossbar or corner fl agpost and remains in the field of play
• it rebounds off either the referee or an assistant referee when they are on the field of play

The assistand on the sideline made the wrong call, by flagging for a goal kick, because the extra assistant referee was on the field of play.

The match ended in 1-1 and Italian media are discussing the referee. Not because of this incident, but because he didn’t give a penalty against Genua say the journalists, who state that referee Guida is a Naples supporter – the rivals of Genua.

New referees in Europe’s highest leagues

European qualification matches already started and some competitions will kick-off this weekend. Here are the new referees at the national top levels.

If you miss something, let me know.

New in the senior referee group is Serdar Gözübüyuk, who holds many Dutch refereeing records, being the youngest referee ever officiating at the highest level in the Netherlands. Assistants Charl Schaap en Hessel Steegstra moved up to the highest level as well.
Referee Ben Haverkort retired and has already started as commercial manager at FC Groningen, a club in the highest league.

New: Dominik Ouschan
End of career: Bernhard Brugger (next December)
Relegated: –
Announcement ÖFB

No promotions announced.
Best referee: Frank De Bleeckere (Golden Whistle), Johan Verbist (Silver Whistle), Joeri Van de Velde (Bronze Whistle).

New: Marin Vidulin, Marin Horvat, Nikola Beatović and Hrvoje Knez
Relegated: Davor Grizelj and Jurica Mihalj
New AR’s: Djuro Jaković, Goran Loparac, Josip Orišković and Ivica Radošević
Retired AR’s: Damir Volf and Vlado Crnolatac

New: Jon Moss and Neil Swarbrick
Relegated: none
New AR’s: Gary Beswick, Simon Bennett, Darren Bond, Charles Breakspear, Sian Massey, Richard West
Relegated AR: Paul Thompson
AR’s stopped because of promotion as center: Andy Madley and Dean Mohareb
Source: Rate The Ref Community

New: Benoît Bastien, Sebastien Desiage, Benoît Millot.
Relegated: Damien Ledentu,
End of career: Stephané Bre, Bruno Coué,
Source: Announcement FFF

New: –
Relegated: Marc Seemann from Essen got to a lower level after a long period of injuries.

New AR’s: –
Relegated AR: Torsten Bauer
Retired AR: Carsten Kadach
Men’s referee of the year: Manuel Gräfe
Women’s referee of the year: Bibiana Steinhaus

Relegated: Apostolos Amparkiolis, Marios Lampropoulos
Quit: Vasileios Pamporidis, Dimitrios Kalopoulos (both FIFA referees), Georgios Stathopoulos, Nathanail Charalampidis, Michalis Tsiniaris, Stavros Mandalos.
New: Spyridon Selimos, Georgios kominis, Gerasimos Ntitsos, Georgios Daskalopoulos, Ioannis Delfakis, Dimitrios kyrkos (also on highest level from 2007 to 2010), Dimitrios Styliaras (also on highest level form 2004 to 2006).

Relegated AR: Ioannis Toumpakaris
Quit AR: Christos Baltas, Spyridon Tryfonas (FIFA A. referees), Theodoros Kotsiros
New AR: Hasan Koula, Stelios Tsolakis, Panagiotis Stathopoulos
Source: Panagiotis Koutakos from refereepress.blogspot.com
New: Daniele Doveri and Marco Guida
Relegated: Nicola Pierpaoli and Emidio Morganti
New AR’s: Giuseppe De Pinto, Alessandro Giallatini, Claudio La Rocca, Fabiano Preti, Giancarlo Rubino and Gianluca Vuoto
Relegated AR’s: Rosario Angrisani, Gianantonio Pugiotto, Stefano Ayroldi, Paolo Calcagno, Sandro Rossomando and Stefano Papi
Source: many Italian media

Promotions are in December, because they don’t have a summer break.
New: Anders Johansen and Trond Ivar Døvle
New AR’s: Jan Erik Engan, Ole Johan Lillebuen and Anders Velo

New: Nuno Miguel Serrano Almeida, Jorge Joaquim Martins Barros Tavares and Rui Tiago Castelão Patrício
Relegated: Diogo Pereira dos Santos, Elmano Carlos Fernandes Santos, Luís Martins Catita da Silva

New: Greg Aitken, Euan Anderson, Barry Cook and Paul Robertson
Relegated: –

New: Pedro Jesús Pérez Montero and Carlos del Cerro Grande
Relegated: Rafael Ramirez Dominguez and Antonio Rubinho Perez
Best referee: Carlos Velasco Carballo (1st), Alberto Navarro Undiano Mallenco (2nd) and Fernando Teixeira Vitienes (3rd).
New AR’s: Martín García, Barranco Trejo, Zancada Lobato, Huerga Cermeño.
Statement RFEF (pdf)

New: in 2011 (since January) in Axpo Swiss League: Damien Carrel, Ludovic Gremaud, Adrien Jaccottet, Stephan Klossner.
Quit: Massimo Busacca (this summer)

New: Nick Pratt and Paul Fisher
Moved: Mike Jones (Eng)
Resigned: Matt Bridges
Relegated: Darren Adie and Paul Thomas
Source: confirmed by e-mail