Dutch referees want video technology

The Dutch professionals stressed that they’d like to introduce video technology into soccer. “As fast as possible”, says international elite referee Kuipers. “In the year 2010, isn’t it strange that we do not use it?”

Earlier this week all Dutch referees had fitness test and a meeting together. Dick van Egmond, the new referee boss, stated that respect is the keyword for the next season.

The Dutch referees were not part of the last World Cup, but they do everything to be there with at least one team at the next big tournament. “But it’s difficult for the Dutch referees. Europe got 10 refs, but six referees come always from the same countries. All the other refs need to fight for the last spots”, the referees said after the meeting.

At this moment Holland got three referees at Uefa’s Elite group after the promotion of Kevin Blom. Vink and Kuipers are also on that list. Braamhaar is on the Premier list.

Young referee Nijhuis noted that he can deal better with negativity about referees in the media. “It’s annoying sometimes, but it’s part of the job”, says he after the press conference. “I was already thinking about what the newspapers would write. Earlier that was very difficult to me.”

The Dutch Eredivisie season starts next Friday.

UPDATE: Referees Pieter Vink (Uefa Elite) and Ruud Bossen didn’t pass the LATG knowledge test. The may officiate in the next weeks and have to pass the test in a few weeks at their second chance. Someone ever heard an Elite Referee doesn’t know the rules (at that moment)? It surprised me.