Pol van Boekel promoted on international list

Dutch referee Pol van Boekel has been promoted to category two on the international refereeing list. He’s on the Uefa list since 2007. Uefa doesn’t want to publish the full list at this moment.

The 35-year-old Van Boekel made his international debut during the U17 match Slovakia-Serbia on 26 March 2008. He’s officiated 19 official international games, including five Europa League matches.

Dutch international referees:
Björn Kuipers and Kevin Blom on the Elite List.
Eric Braamhaar on the Premier list.
Bas Nijhuis and Pol van Boekel on the category two list.
Richard Liesveld is a category three referee.
Danny Makkelie is on the cat. 4 list.

Pieter Vink, who was on the Elite List, stopped because he wants to give young refs a chance and because he got death threats via his daughter’s lunchbox.

Uefa released new futsal international referee list

Uefa has released the new international futsal’s referee list.

Check the lists below:

Most referees on the highest futsal refereeing level come from Spain and Croatia (2 per country).

Category two
Youngest referee on the list is Gerald Blauernfeind from Austria with 29 years. Oldest referee is Francisco Jose Seca Parrinha from Portugal who is 44 years old.

Category three
A huge list with 54 lists.

Check the men’s international football list here
Check the women’s international football list here

Uefa released new women’s international referee listv

Uefa has released the new international women’s referee list.

Check the lists below:

With three referees (of 18) who come from Romania. The youngest referees are Kateryna Monzul (Ukraine) and Christina Westrum Pedersen (Norway) with 29 years old.

Referees are all from different countries. Oldest referee with 43 years old is Ann-Helen Østervold from Norway.

Category two
With the highest ranked referee from The Netherlands, Sjoukje de Jong. Katalin Kulcsar from Hungary is only 25 years old.

Category three
With three Greece referees.

More on women’s refereeing in the article about the U20 Women’s World Cup in Germany earlier this month.