Referees in the media (week 42 and 43)

‘Referees in the media’ will be published each Monday on the Dutch Referee Blog and provides remarkable or interesting quotes and links to articles worth reading.

It’s unbelievable here.

Said Bas Nijhuis in preparation of his first Champions League match Olympiakos – Dortmund on Voetbal International Radio. Last weekend he also got his first Ajax – Feyenoord classic, which he handled pretty well.

“You’ve to give the red card, but you feel that yellow and a penalty kick is severe enough.”

Again Bas Nijnhuis about tackling a player in a goal scoring position.

To give a penalty kick and possibly a yellow card is quite sufficient.

A plea for change of the Laws of the Game from German referees in the same week.

“The correct taxation of the referee’s revenues rests with the referees themselves.”

States the German FA (DFB) General Secretary Wolfgang Niersbach after tax officers swept into DFB headquarters.

“Consistency is not just for referees but also for their critics.”

Good read by Paul Wilson from The Guardian, who compares two decisions by referees. One sticks to the book, other uses game management. Both were supposed doing the wrong thing.

“If there was no stress, it would not be normal.”
Says Romuald Bourgois, regional director of a French post office, and now followed on a matchday by French newspaper Le Parisien (link is to the in English translated article).

“Offside has become too complicated.”

Says Franz Beckenbauer, who’s part of the Fifa panel that suggest new rules to the board of the governing body.

Referees “fear for their safety when they step on the pitch”.

15 referees refused to officiate in the Oldham Sunday Football League.