Luisão knocks down referee Christian Fischer

Stumbled upon this video of a friendly match between Fortuna Düsseldorf and Benfica via some referees on Facebook. It’s crazy!

So sad that Luisão from the Portuguese team knocks down referee Christian Fischer at the moment he tries to give a second yellow card for a Benfica player at last five mintues of the first half. Or was it a headbutt? In the beginning someone is moving in front of the camera, but if you take a look at the last thirty seconds of the video it really looks like it.

I hope Uefa or Portuguese FA will give him a long ban, eventhough it was a friendly and not an official match. (Does someone know what rules are with those pre-season friendlies?)

I’m very happy my friendlies were much more sportive. Even got a huge bouquet of flowers yesterday because I volunteered at two matches. Good to see that some people appreciate what referees (we!) do.

UPDATE (14 September 2012): Luisão received a ban for two months for his actions against referee Fisher (Reuters).