Fifa referees receiving badges for 2014

Fifa referees are receiving their badges for 2014. Below you can find a Twitter photo collection of photo’s from refs with their new badge.

Referees from Italy: Valentina Garoffolo and Graziella Pirraiatore and Carina Vitulano.

Turkish referees with their new badge:

Mexican refs.

Björn Kuipers and his assistants Sander van Roekel and Erwin Zeinstra are getting their new Fifa badges.

International referees and assistants from the Maldives in 2014.

No badges for Canadian referees yet. First a fitness test.

Fifa referee badge for my collection

Me with a Fifa referee badge

Fifa referee badge

I got a Fifa referee badge much earlier this year, but for some reason I never made a photo of me with this beautiful badge. Finally, here it is. (And thanks for sending it over – much appreciated!)

I’ve also made a new page on my blog with all the referee badges in a gallery. I’ve posted badges from Europe and two from North America. I also got one from South Korea and Venezuela, but did not take a nice picture of them yet.

If you have a badge from your country and you don’t see it in the badge gallery, please contact me via e-mail on and I can send you a Dutch badge in return. You can also send me a personal message on Twitter or on my blog’s Facebook page.

Go to the Football referee badge collection.