Referees in the media (week 33)

‘Referees in the media’ will be published at the beginning of the week on the Dutch Referee Blog and provides remarkable or interesting quotes and links to articles worth reading.

“I very seldom have trouble. I find it is all about being able to respect players but operate control, instead of diving into your pockets for yellow and red cards. It is quite simple, really.”

John Leeman (79), honoured for 65 years of refereeing. And he’s still out on the pitch most weekends.

With the increased tempo, heat and pressure in Serbia it was clear what toll that takes on your body and how important it is to put the training in.”

Bobby Madden on the importance of a recovery training after a matchday, even if you have a busy schedule.

“I’m talking to you, zebra.”

Tony Soprano is never polite to the referees in the HBO series (S1E9).

“It’s my goal for next season to get an international semi-final, hopefully in Champions League.”

Bjorn Kuipers sets his goals straight at the start of the season.

“Our goal is to limit real foul play. Thanks not only a task for the referees, but players and coaches as well.”

Dutch referee boss Dick van Egmond at the presentation of the referees for 2012/2013.

See the Dutch referees in action during the pre-season test. In Dutch, but lots of video content of LATG test, condition test, etc.

Portugese national league ‘reddest’ in Europe

Players in Portugese national league get the most straight red cards per match in Europese national leagues. Each five matches in 2010/2011 season Portoguse referees showed (on average( one straight red card.

Belgium, Spain, Romania and The Netherlands complete the top five of countries with hard players. Or are the referees just mild in countries like Norway (1 straight red in 21 matches), Czech Republic (1 in 15) or Ukrain (1 in 14)?

In the infographic below, you can see the ‘reddest’ country based on data from and How darker the tint, the less matches are played on average before a straight red card is handed out. The value ‘0,208333333’ in Portugal means that statistically five (5×0,208333333>1) matches need to be played for the first red card. No data available of light blue countries.

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These stats does only show an average. Portugal is not the country with most straight red cards. That ‘honour’ is for players in Spanish competition with a total of 59; 56 in Italy and 50 in Portugal.

With the start of the Dutch competition Dutch referee boss Dick van Egmond announced that referees should pull the red card faster out of their pockets in case of hard offences. The result: four straight red cards in nine matches.

Ed Janssen: impartiality of a referee?

Feyenoord fans and Dutch media criticised the decision by the Dutch FA that Ed Janssen will referee Wednesday’s ‘relegation’ game between Feyenoord and VVV Venlo in the Dutch top league.

The problem: Janssen had a youth soccer career at the club from Venlo. Dutch referee boss Dick van Egmond sees no problem in it, because all refs should be impartial. A referee can only not get a match from a team in the town in which he lives. No problems, says the Dutch FA.

You think there’s a problem?

The funny thing is, local website found out Ed Janssen already has refereed VVV Venlo three times, but not in the highest league. The results: only 0-1 losses.

Here’s an impression of referee Janssen. Good people make such impressions on YouTube.

There are even Dutch referees who’ve had a professional career on the highest level. Ben Haverkort – happy birthday (on Wednesday) – played for Ajax and has officiated many matches in the Eredivisie. Are there refs in your country who turned from a professional player to a referee on national level?