Goal-line technology works at Chelsea vs. Hull

It’s 2-0 for Chelsea in the game against Hull. Injury time and a corner kick had been awarded for Chelsea. Frank Lampard swings the ball in and a player heads it towards the goal. Goalie McGregor got the ball, but did it cross the line? The goal-line technology gives the answer: no goal. Correct decision.

Check out the video from the situation. The quality is not so good, but all other video’s of the situation have been deleted. Read below how this system works.

How does goal-line technology works in 6 key points

  • Seven camera’s per goal detect if the ball has crossed the line or not.
  • The referee will get a signal on his vibrating watch with the text GOAL just one second after the ball crossed the line.
  • The system works perfectly even when there are many people standing on the line. Sportsmail’s Laurie Whitwell tried it: “I lifted the ball up and walked over the line with it tucked under my arm to see if that affected things. Again the machine on my wrist told me it was a goal.”
  • Hawk-Eye can provide a TV replay to categorically prove the decision is correct, the company says.
  • It is technically possible to also provide a “near miss” signal to the watches so the referee also receives a positive confirmation that the ball did not cross the line in a close incident.
  • The system will not be disturbed by thousands of fans using their mobile phone. Mail Online wrote: “Instead, it is an automatic transmission from the cameras. Not wifi or Bluetooth, which can be affected when 70,000 people bring mobiles to grounds, but Hawk-Eye’s special method that they do not reveal as it is a secret to their success.”

Referees in the media (week 48)

Referees in the media will be published at the beginning of the week on the Dutch Referee Blog and provides remarkable or interesting quotes and links to articles worth reading.

“Only Stindl had paid attention to it and counted correctly. He mentioned the mistake to his coach Mirko Slomka and the club reported it to the DFL (German Footbal League, jth) and they observed the failure too. Consequence: The midfield player is missing the match on Tuesday against Greuther Fürth.”

It’s not a quote by a referee, but a translation from German newspaper Bild. Referee Christian Dingert has shown Lars Stindl form Hannover’96 a yellow card during the match against Frankfurt, but it was not shown in the Bundesliga statistics nor on the referee report. Because this was his fifth, he got suspended. That’s fair play by Stindl – I love that.

“I think it is becoming more of an option now. There was talk of a mentor-style system starting at academy level. The fact is that the best referees would still get through and it would be a relationship that would be mutually beneficial for both players and referees because they could both learn from each other. I think that is something that might change in the future.”

Newcastle United goalkeeper Steve Harper about refereeing after his career. Read the full interview by GKicon with the goalie.

“The club regrets not having given more consideration before issuing a statement on the evening of Sunday 28th October. The club also regrets the subsequent impact the intense media scrutiny had on Mark Clattenburg and his family.”

A statement by Chelsea and the Professional Game Match Officials Limited.