How to become a top referee (with tips from Ben Williams)

Dutch Referee Blog wishes everyone a great season. Australian former World Cup referee Ben Williams, who announced his retirement in July 2016, gives you 4 things to keep in mind to become a top referee. Also check the interview with Williams about reaching the 2014 World Cup.

So, how to become a top referee?

  1. Be the best you can be
  2. Football is a reflection of life with good and bad days
  3. There is no substitute for hard work
  4. Enjoy the wonderful game of football

How to become a top referee?

Ben Williams explains his tips: “The advice I would give to young referees who wish to reach the top is simple. Be the best you can be – that way you will prepare yourself for every match as though it is a World Cup match. The game is about the players and the fans – not about us. There are times when we have to take big decisions, and we must be courageous enough to do so, but be humble enough to know that the game is for the players and the fans.”

Ben Williams

Ben Williams on How to become a top referee. Photo privided by referee.

It is also important to realise that football is a reflection of life itself. There are good days and some bad days. There are days where we are human and make some poor decisions. However, there are some fantastic days where our matches go so very well. Ride the wave and don’t think you’ll never make a mistake. Those mistakes happen for a reason – to give you the opportunity to experience failure, but to come back even bigger and stronger.

Lastly, there is no substitute for hard work. No one else is going to go out do the hard training sessions for you. Make the sacrifices to achieve what you want. If you want it bad enough, be patient as it may take a while to achieve it.

Above all, you have to enjoy this wonderful game of ours. That is why we get involved in football, and it’s something we must always try to achieve. Enjoy our beautiful game.

Also check the interview with Williams about reaching the 2014 World Cup.

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