Would you give a yellow for pulling shirt off?

Leo Blank, editor of Dutch referee magazine De Scheidsrechter, is wondering wether amateur referees will give a yellow card if a player pulls off his shirt after he/she scores.

Nobody ever did this in one of my matches, but I think it’s a good question. Are there special rules about that for amateur levels? Would YOU give a yellow card for that officiating at lower football levels? Don’t hesitate to join the discussion below.

And what if someone gives away his shirt to a fan who entered the field, like Andrei Shevchenko did this week?

Liesveld got sneaky kick by Kiev official

Everything seemed normal: Dutch referee team shook hands with players and officials of Dinamo Kiev and Sporting Braga after yesterday’s match in Europa League. But take a better look at the the Ukrainian official who kicks fourth offficial Richard Liesveld in the ass.

He sneaked away, but an Ukrainian press agency got it on tape. Click this video link: http://video.meta.ua/3406956.video. During the match head referee Björn Kuipers showed Andrei Shevchenko two yellow cards in ten minutes, which caused irritation amongst the Kiev officials.