Visualise game situations as match preparation

It’s not over yet with tips I got from the referee conference. I will share a longer blog post with rugby referee Alain Rolland’s story later. Now you’ll get one tip you will benefit from every game. Rolland’s advice: visualise game situations as match preparation.

Visualise game situations you need to judge in the future.

Visualise game situations you possibly need to judge in the future.

Ever wondered why top referees look so calm on the pitch?

“Some referees look so comfortably because they know what they’re doing”, Rolland says. And to be able to “read the game” a referee “needs to visualise game situations”, Rolland says. “Think about what to say during a match and how to say it.”

How is the Irish World Cup final referee doing that? He’s sitting “comfy on his sofa with no disturbances. Then I spend 20-25 minutes by thinking what you will say in certain situations. I’m exhausted after that period. I am forcing myself to think about what I need for that. This match preparation works for me.”

Please try it and share your experiences with me!

Do you have any specific technique or training that helps in your match preparation?