Kevin Blom appointed for Egyptian top match

Kevin Blom has been appointed for the Egyptian top clash between numbers one and two Al Ahly and Zamalek, the Dutch FA confirmed. The match started today at eight pm.

Nicky Siebert and Patrick Langkamp will be the assistant referees. It’s the first time a Dutch referee team will officiate in the Egyptian competition.

Maybe this video below, which I just found yesterday on YouTubee, is the reason why the Egyptian FA wants foreign referees.

Update: Kevin Blom’s reaction after the match to Dutch radio 1: “It was a fantactic match, which ended in 2-2. A real match which contains everything: with fireworks, torches. I can’t describe it, I’ve never experienced someting like that.”

“Everything went well at the stands too, but the fans are very fanatic. After the match we had to leave the pitch very fast, because it was very hectic. Very exciting though, the emotions run high.”

“Early in the morning we got the message that the match would be cancelled, because of the agitated situation on Tahrir square. But we continued whit the preparation for the match, because we heard there was still a chance the match might start. Later that day, people from the Ministry of Internal Affairs decide the game should go on. I’ve never experienced this. For me it was El Classico times ten.”

For the Dutch readers: here’s the audio file from Dutch Radio: