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SummerRefs: James Campbell from England

Fifth referee in SummerRefs comes from Milton Keynes in England. In this section refs from all over the world and all with different experiences will tell about their refereeing career and how they prepare for next season during this summer break.

If you’re interested to take part, there are still a few weeks of summer for SummerRefs left. Let me know!

Name: James campbell
Age: 30
Hometown: Milton Keynes (England)
Started refereeing: 1995 (eek)
Grade: 5

Who do you think you are (as referee)?
“I think i’m like Phil Dowd – not afraid to give a bit back and get respect from players but go with a smile on my face too. ”

What are your goals in refereeing?
“I have just got onto the Womens Premier League in England which is a great achievement. I would like to go onto Level 4 but also to develop as a coach as I currently run the academy in my county.”

Which decision would you like to recall?
“Two years ago I saw a violent conduct and stupidly didnt do anything at all about it and lost control. But also, On reflection I think I’m too harsh with dissent and need to bottle a bit more without affecting my control.”

What do you do in preparation for next season?
“I attend the Norway Cup which is great preseason training! this year putting in alot of effort to bring my weight down to be healthier and fitter after a poor couple of seasons of injury/work.”

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