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Summer Refs: David Humphreys at Foyle Cup

The Dutch Referee blog introduces a new summer section with interviews with referees like you. People who officiate in the off-season summer tournaments. Let’s meet David Humphreys.

David Humphreys. Photo from his Twitter page @davehumph
Name: David Humphreys
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Hometown: Liverpool
Started refereeing: June 2008
Grade: 7

The Foyle Cup is International Youth Soccer Tournament in Derry City (Northern Ireland) with referees from Donegal (Ireland), England, Scotland, Norway and Holland. Read more about them at the Official Foyle Cup website.

Why did you start refereeing?
David: “I lost interest playing and one of my good friends had been a referee. I’d always pictured myself as a ref during my young times so I thought ‘Why not?'”

What was the reason you went to the first Foyle Cup in 2009?
“I’m part of a forum for referees online and one of the guys posted a link to the tournament website, I clicked and registered my interest. It was an excellent chance to work with a number of different officials of all different types.”

What do you expect from the tournament?
“I expect to develop as a referee and as a person. I want to learn and develop my knowledge as a referee and my football knowledge.”

What’s your most memorable refereeing moment and why?
“The opportunity to referee at the home of Derry City, with a reasonable size crowd and an entertaining game. It was also nice to have the complete respect of both teams.”

What’s your goal in your refereeing career?
“I want to referee in the English Premier League. That is the ultimate goal and Howard Webb’s success is a dream I’d love to emulate.”

Some of my readers are not refs, but football players (or not even that). Why should they give refereeing a try? What did you learn from refereeing/being a match official?
“Refereeing is an amazing way to be involved in football. It enhances your knowledge of what is a very complex game. Refereeing helps you develop as and athlete and more importantly as a person.”

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