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3 strangest reasons to abandon a match

Extreme violence, agressive players, injured referee. These could be legitimate reasons to discontinue a match or not even begin with it, but they’re quite normal. Here are the 3 strangest reasons to abandon a match. And please comment if you have more suggestions.

Pig on the pitch: strangest reasons to abandon a match.
Pig on the pitch: strangest reasons to abandon a match.
  1. Pig on the pitch. A referee had to abandon a u15 match between Gorecht and Kloosterburen because a pig entered the field a couple of times. First and second time the could get the pig, which came from a farm nearby, off the pitch. But when it entered a third time, it was enough for the referee. He stopped play permanently.
  2. Unexploded bombs nearby. On Friday 8th February 1985 there was a lot of snow in Sheffield, but that’s not the reason the match beteen Sheffield United and Oldham Athletic has been postponed. Nearby the stadium new houses were built and construction workers found an unexploded bomb on a building site in Lancing Road, very close to the stadium. Read more about the incident.
  3. Streaking/naked students on the field. During a ladies match some guys from a ferternity nearby thought it would be fun to run naked on the pitch. After the streaking students entered the match for the fourth or fifth time it was enough for the referee, so he abandoned the match.

You know more strange reasons to abondon a match? Share them with me in the comments below, on my Facebook page or with @DutchReferee on Twitter.

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  • Tracey Clayton

    Only had to abandon once – inured player with back injury who could not feel his legs. He was 10 years old, ambulance called so all very ‘normal’ I’m afraid! Did have match on pitch next to me abandoned as the Assistant Referee fell over on a branch and broke his leg!

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